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Getting Advice

If you feel you have the need for some advice or simply wish to review your current investments then please make a time to see one of our advisers. We are conveniently located on the Adelaide city fringe. Street parking is available.

For general financial planning or retirement advice, we generally offer and introductory appointment free of charge. For Aged Care advice a fee will apply depending on the type of service. This appointment will generally take up to 1 hour and our adviser will then be able to provide an indication of what further action is recommended. The initial appointment is without obligation and provides potential clients with the opportunity to meet us and discuss their situation.

Many clients appreciate the benefits of building a relationship with a financial planner. This means that they can talk to someone who knows and understands their situation. This is particularly important if something unexpected happens where they need to receive advice that is appropriate for them.

We welcome you to come and talk to one of our advisers. You would need to bring information about current investments, superannuation and life insurance. We would also ask that you think about your situation and write down some objectives and ideas that you might have for possible directions you might be taking in the future. Details of loans or mortgages, pensions, and dependents all represent valuable planning information which will assist your adviser.

If you would like to make an appointment please phone us on 08 8333 2488 or contact us via email.