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First Appointment

For most clients the financial planning process starts before their first appointment when;
  • They recognise a need for advice
  • They begin to formulate goals and objectives
  • They decide to take action
It may be that something positive or negative has happened or perhaps it is simply timely to finally do something, to seek advice.

If you are planning for retirement (no matter how far off that might be) the important thing is to give some thought as to what you would like to happen in your life, financial issues and lifestyle issues are generally interrelated.

It is no use being unrealistic and hoping to enjoy a “champagne lifestyle on beer money”. On the other hand many people enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle on limited means, it’s all about expectations.

Perhaps you need to seek advice on behalf of a family member or close friend. Please bring with you the necessary information so we can gain a good understanding of the situation and advise you accordingly.

Generally, the first appointment will be a fact finding exercise. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to provide verbal limited advice at that point with no follow up necessary. If we consider it appropriate to provide follow up advice in a formal Statement of Advice then we can advise you of the process and costs that this may entail.

Please take some time before the meeting to make a list of issues that you wish to discuss or questions you would like to ask. It is so frustrating to walk out a meeting and then think of those burning questions that you forget to ask!

We appreciate that talking to a planner is often a new experience and we try to adopt a low key relaxed approach. We believe that high pressure tactics are inappropriate and not an acceptable way to form a long term adviser / client relationship.