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Choosing an adviser

Our advice to up coming retirees is to talk to three advisers.

Choose the adviser who you feel most comfortable with. You are going to have to establish an ongoing working relationship with them so you need to be assured that they will;
  • answer your questions satisfactorily
  • respond to your phone calls
  • understand the level of risk that you are comfortable with
  • provide adequate ongoing service
  • be around for the long haul

Another question to ask is whether the adviser designs the strategy themselves or will it be done by someone else, a para-planner for example? Many large financial planning groups produce "back office" plans so their advisers can spend more time "selling".

Managed or Self Managed?

Many retirees devalue their time. We consider that time is a valuable commodity, whether you are working or retired. Some retirees choose to take on the job of managing their own money. Some choose to pursue other interests. We like our clients to be interested and involved in the investment process; but this does not mean that they should be agonizing over a computer screen trying to outsmart the experts.

Retirement planning is a complex area so upcoming retirees owe it to themselves to seek expert advice. Enjoy your retirement more by receiving sound financial advice tailored to your needs.

Down to Earth Advice

Once you have spoken to several planners, compare what they say. Is one promising the earth (high income/returns, age pension etc)?

Remember that promises are easy to make, but harder to keep. Look for the planner who keeps things in perspective, who offers realistic returns, who is naturally cautious, who talks about service, advice, and what they can do for you.


Most retirees can choose between a superannuation strategy or invest in non super ("ordinary") investments. Both strategies can be appropriate. The choice often comes down to a client’s individual preference, taxation issues, and ease of management. Look for an adviser who is happy to discuss both approaches.

If you are approaching retirement or already retired we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your financial planning needs.

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