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Talk to a planner about... Setting Investment Goals

Investment planning is an integral part of life planning. It is a process of determining where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. It involves analysing your current situation and setting goals, then designing a strategy to achieve those goals.

The process is relatively straight forward but needs to be conducted in a structured way. This is where an experienced planner can help. He or she can help you detail your goals and document a clearly defined strategy to help you achieve those goals.

A strategy is like a map. We consult the map when we want to go from A to B and we set out the route that we wish to follow. We may change that route along the way depending on circumstances. For instance, we may wish to go on holiday, or buy a car, or we may start a family. This will raise financial issues which may throw us off track over the short term. However, with a clearly defined strategy we can be flexible and accommodate changes to our lives as they arise. Our tactics may change from time to time but this is a normal situation if we build flexibility into our strategy.

Unless we have a clearly defined strategy we have no real direction, we really don’t know where we want to finish up. We may eventually find ourselves going around in circles and eventually get nowhere at all.

Our financial planners can help you construct a clearly defined strategy that will help you achieve your long term financial goals. A strategy need not be inflexible and onerous but allow you to accommodate changes that may occur in your life over the coming years. Some planning is better than no planning at all. You may not necessarily achieve your goals but a well defined strategy can at least give you the opportunity of moving in the right direction.

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