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Accommodation Bonds

While some Aged Care fees are relatively easy to understand, it is often the Accommodation Bond that causes the most uncertainty, Scott Keeley has the knowledge and experience to provide sound advice in this area.

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The Accommodation Bond is a lump sum payment (often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) that is required to be paid on entering Low Level (Hostel) Aged Care.

The Accommodation Bond raises a number of questions for prospective Aged Care residents.
  • How much will my Bond be?
  • Will I need to sell my house?
  • Must I pay the Bond as  lump sum or is there another alternative?
  • Will my estate get the money back when I die?
  • What happens to my Age Pension?

This is a complex area with Accommodation Bonds varying greatly depending on the location and the policy of the particular Aged Care facility.  It is our experience that  each case needs to be dealt with individually.  One size does not fit all!  We believe that in most cases people entering Aged Care facilities DO NOT need a full financial plan in order to understand the fee structure and the most financially beneficial option.  A personal consultation with our adviser should be enough to equip you with enough information to navigate your way through the maze.

We can meet with our Adelaide-based clients for a face-to-face consultation, however we do have systems in place to provide services to regional and interstate clients.

For an appointment or general enquiries phone Scott Keeley on 08 8333 2488 or email Scott.

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