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Centrelink benefits include a range of pensions and allowances. Wakefield Partners financial planner Scott Keeley has over 10 years experience in the field with Centrelink and in private practice. 

Scott understands how the system has evolved and the complexities associated with qualifying for benefits. He strongly advises potential pensioners and allowees to seek expert advice as to how they may be able to maximize the benefits that they receive.  Scott is available for phone consultations on (08) 8333 2488 or for meetings by appointment.

Want to keep up with the latest news?  Scott provides regular Centrelink and Aged Care updates at Related News.

The three main areas are;

1. Age Pension

The Age Pension is available to people who have reached qualification age. It is subject to various tests including the assets test and the income test. Various personal assets and investments are included under the assets test. It is the assets test that often applies to self funded retirees.

The income test also has a number of rules which need to be satisfied. The income from various investments and income streams may be treated in different ways so it is necessary to calculate the assessed income by working through the appropriate calculations.

2. Allowances

The major allowances relate to people who are not in the workforce. Once again the income and assets tests apply.

3. Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

For retirees who have difficulty qualifying for the age pension it is often possible to qualify for the Seniors Health Care Card. There is no assets test and the income test is very generous. Applicants must have reached age pension qualification age.

For further information on incomes and assets and pensions and allowances visit the Centrelink website at

The area of Centrelink benefits is complex and personal advice should be sought. There have also been a number of recent changes which have impacted on retirees.

We encourage you to discuss your personal situation with Scott Keeley to ensure that you are maximizing your Centrelink benefits.

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