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Our Estate Battle Pack Service

This service enables you, with our assistance, to compile a Battle Pack of information that may be useful to your family and executors in time of need. It is an easy to understand system, containing lists of people to contact, assets/liabilities and personal possessions, and where to find things.

Are you aware that almost 50% the relatives of a deceased person are not immediately able to find the Will and an even smaller percentage are fully aware of a persons’ assets and liabilities?

Establishing a Battle Pack is an easy way to explain your wishes to your family and friends and provides one convenient location for all your valuable documents.

This service is a five step process:
  1. Client completes a Preparation Pack
  2. Collate all relevant documentation
  3. We will prepare your Battle Pack using the information provided
  4. Presentation of your Battle Pack
  5. Conduct an annual review with us on an annual basis

Your Battle Pack will include;
  • A large hard cover folder that can easily be stored into a bookshelf or drawer
  • Your Will
  • A checklist for the Executor
  • Instructions for the Executor and Powers of Attorneys’
  • Contacts listing
  • Full personal details
  • Beneficiary and inheritance details
  • A listing of all assets and liabilities
  • Superannuation and insurance information
  • Funeral, cremation/burial and organ donation wishes