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Life insurance plays an important role in your Estate Planning and serves as a source of support, education expense coverage, liquidity to pay immediate expenses, to fund business buy-sell agreements and sometimes to fund retirement plans.

Life insurance can be purchased for many reasons in Estate Planning, some of these include;

  • To provide funds for the surviving spouse and children 
  • To provide funds as an inheritance to non-farm / business heirs 
  • To provide funds to pay out debt obligations 
  • To provide funds to farming / business heirs to buy out the land, machinery or operating assets from other heirs

For most families the need for life insurance is needed the most earlier on in life when children are young and the financial burden of supporting the family is at its greatest. It can help your family financially by offering long term replacement of lost income and immediate benefits to pay for costs such as medical bills and funeral expenses.

An insurance analysis and regular review of your existing insurance is a must, as the same premium can possibly buy significantly more insurance today or if your financial situation changes you may need to increase or decrease your insurance amount.

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