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Portfolio Management

Tired of wading through paperwork?
Do you present your tax agent with a shoe box full of dividend statements?
Have difficulty finding all your statements at the end of the year?

Get a life! Ask us to manage your portfolio

Each year more and more clients are recognizing the advantages that portfolio management can bring.

At Wakefield Partners we can provide portfolio management services from several respected managers. These are a custodial management services which handle the paperwork, record keeping, and taxation reporting for clients with portfolios comprising fixed interest, property, and share based investments.

Many clients appreciate the direct and uncomplicated nature of owning shares but find the record keeping and paperwork time consuming. The complexities of capital gains tax, dividend imputation, installments and share splits are easily accommodated by a portfolio management system. An annual taxation statement is provided to the client which can be a saving in accountants fees.

For our advisers, portfolio management services provide regularly updated information to help with decision making.

To learn more about our portfolio management service please contact us on 08 8333 2488 or email us.