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Superannuation & Pensions

The superannuation environment is complex, the rules daunting, the jargon somewhat overwhelming.


It is important to have clearly defined objectives and short, medium and long term strategies in place.  But that is what financial planning is about and that is our core business at Wakefield Partners.


There is a vast assortment of superannuation funds within Australia, including employer funds, industry funds, retail funds, wholesales funds and self managed funds.  Superannuation is not a case of ‘one size fits all.’  In fact care should be given to ensure that your superannuation fund is appropriate given your circumstances and objectives.


For you superannuation to be fruitful it is a matter of being in the right fund, both to produce results and for peace of mind.  After all, superannuation plays a vital role in ensuring a comfortable retirement.


There are also numerous superannuation strategies that can be utilised to boost your retirement savings, reduce taxable income and ensure that your superannuation is distributed according to your wishes in the event of your death.  Salary sacrificing, co contributions, re contributions, binding death nominations and transition to retirement pensions are some of the strategies that should be considered.


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