What’s New at Wakefield Partners – Autumn 2021

The start to 2021 has been more gentle than the start to 2020 but there’s always something to keep us interested.  The ongoing investigation into Melissa Caddick, euphoria about GameStop and Bitcoin, and for at least one of our advisers, the return of dancing in South Australia, has kept us fascinated!  We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously here, time to learn a bit more about one of us in this quarter’s What’s New.

Our second installment of employee profiles brings us Lynette, who along with Scott assists the majority of our clients to achieve their financial goals. So we have asked Lynette the same random questions we asked Scott some time ago. Let’s get to know our Senior Financial Adviser, Lynette Anderson.

Lynette Anderson

Name: Lynette Anderson

Job Title: Senior Financial Adviser and whatever else is thrown my way!

How long have you been with Wakefield Partners?: 17 years this year.

What do you get up to during a regular work day?: I find I’m doing different aspects of the job each day.  I start my morning dialling into the morning meeting, which provides an overview of what’s happened overnight with international markets.  After the meeting, I check and respond to any emails and client queries that I may have.  There are days when I have client appointments and am doing reviews and Statement of Advice documents for clients.  There is always lots of reading and training to keep up to date on policies, the share market and areas of investments that we can offer to our clients.

What’s your best memory from Wakefield Partners?: to say I have a best memory of Wakefield Partners (WP) wouldn’t do it justice! Working for WP for the past 16+ years has provided me with goals and achievements that I never considered (like becoming a business owner).  The flexibility when raising a young family, the loyal clients and staff makes WP a place where I am happy to come to work every day and enjoy what I do.  I consider myself very lucky to work here.

What TV Show are you hooked on at the moment?:  I don’t really watch a lot of TV but I do enjoy watching movies with my kids.  I would prefer to go for a walk with my dog, Diesel and wind down.

The best book you have ever read?:  Summer of Fear – years ago.  As I have studied for the last five years (which entails a lot of reading) I haven’t had time to do much reading for pleasure. 

What music is your favourite?: I listen to all different kinds of music. My first tape was ABBA and I played it to death.   Other music that I enjoy would be Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel, Bryan Adams, Elvis, AC/DC, 70s, 80s, 90s music and my children are always listening to the modern music, so I sometimes get into their taste in music!

A quote that you like?:  ”Actions speak louder than words” and “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.” – Robin Williams

What’s something interesting you can share with us about yourself?: I don’t know if it is interesting but I like to paint. I feel it is a good destressor and I enjoy seeing my end result.

What are your thoughts on investing?: I think working out a goal that you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it by and how much risk you are prepared to take to achieve the goal is a good start to getting the right investment for your circumstances.   It may be investing your money into the share market, as long as you are buying quality and holding onto it for the medium to long term you should be able to reach your goals.  One thing I would say is, “don’t panic” things always have a way of sorting themselves out.

Think that you align with Lynette’s personality and investment philosophy? Contact her today to discuss your financial requirements, she is happy to assist in any way she can!

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