Reviews & Testimonials

  • We are writing on behalf of Lynette Anderson who has been helping us with the complex business left to us by my father in the UK. This has involved pounds sterling, euros and Australian dollars and the various conversions, which seemed to change from day to day. Overseas Cheques that could not be cashed or banked over here, Share certificates lost etc. Lynette has remained calm throughout all this and has helped us enormously giving very sound advice whenever we asked for it.

    Indeed it is her calmness in the face of stress that has given us confidence in her ability to sort things out for us with these overseas shares, and her good advice during this time has been overwhelmingly helpful. Also her help as to whether to buy the various good options with which we are faced or to sell out other shares which are giving us some angst, has been well received. We feel comfortable and confident in her ability to deal with such complicated issues and on the basis of the foregoing we are very happy to recommend Lynette and are constantly suggesting her name to friends who are looking for a very good financial adviser.

    Pam & Alistair

  • I have been a client of Wakefield Partners for over 25 years. During that time I have entrusted all of our investment portfolio transactions including the establishment of our self managed super fund to them. I have always found their advice to be very accurate and my investment targets are always achieved and in most cases markedly exceeded. All advice and service is always presented in a friendly, clear and concise manner.

    Lynette Anderson has been my principal advisor for over 5 years now and she has certainly continued the exemplary standards set by her predecessor and eminent mentor, Rick Flint.

    It is certainly reassuring to be a client of Wakefield Partners, and I am very comforted with Lynette’s high standards of integrity and knowledge. I strongly recommend Wakefield Partners and Lynette in particular, to anyone requiring a professional financial service.


  • Scott Keeley from Wakefield Partners has been looking after Wendy and I for some thirteen years. Right from the very beginning, Scott’s friendly and respectful manner, combined with his diligence and excellent ability to explain, what to us, were complex and confusing financial matters, engendered trust and confidence in him.

    Over the ensuing years, we have been very well served by Scott across a broad range of financial advice and assistance. It would be fair to say that when we first came to Scott our finances were in something of a muddle, primarily due to our own lack of understanding of the various financial products we had bought and of both the regulations and opportunities that existed in regard to finance, taxation and investment. We were daunted by the complexity of the language surrounding these matters, and this, combined with a tendency to be cautious and let things drift along, meant we were not making the most of our finances.

    We are most grateful for Scott’s assistance in putting our finances in order, and in helping us create a pathway as we head towards retirement, that we can be confident in. We have enjoyed our meetings with Scott and have always come away impressed with the quality of background work undertaken to ensure his explanations and advice are clear and reliable. Anything we have ever asked him to do, has been done quickly and effectively, nothing has ever been a trouble to him. Everything he has set up for us has worked as he said it would, and our confidence in him has been repaid many times over.

    We have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Scott Keeley, and indeed, have done so to many of our friends and associates.

    Wendy & James

  • My wife and I have been lucky to have Scott Keeley from Wakefield Partners as our financial adviser for nearly 15 years. During that time both Scott and the other staff at Wakefield Partners have provided great advice and made the tangled web of Superannuation, insurance and retirement planning simple and understandable. Most recently the assistance that Scott and his staff have provided with managing my Income Protection Insurance Payout has been greatly appreciated during a challenging health experience. Without their advice and recommendation on taking out and maintaining Income Protection Insurance, we would be facing retirement without the financial security that allows us to look forward to the next exciting chapter of our lives. We have recommended and will continue to recommend their services to others.

    Greg & Sandy