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Fresh 92.7 Wavelength Cost Of Living Article

Scott Keeley Talks ‘Cost of Living’ on Fresh 92.7, Wavelength

On July 4th 2022, Scott Keeley was asked to chat with the Wavelength team at Fresh 92.7 about the cost of...

Increased cost of living

State of Play – Newsflash! Sharemarket Does what Sharemarkets Do!

Volatility in share prices is not new. Nor is the view that “this time it’s different”. In a world of pandemics,...

Aps vs Knowledge

Apps vs Knowledge

Investing apps such as Raiz, Spaceship, and CommSec Pocket have become extremely popular in recent years especially for new investors. The...

The Mechanics of the Age Pension

The Mechanics of the Age Pension

Record numbers of Australians are retiring and are seeking retirement income planning advice. A key component to retirement income is the...

No Soup For You! Until now..

“No soup for you!” …until now – New Super legislation opens the window for over 67’s

Super legislation changes come and go, many of them are “ho hum” and merely tinker around the edges. We’ve been inundated...

Ukrainian Fence Patriotism

State of Play – Uncertainty Abounds!

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine undoubtedly creates some market volatility and opportunities, this time it feels somewhat different. “Sharemarket Weakness Provides...

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay the Price Later?

Australians were introduced to credit cards way back in 1974. Since then, we’ve embraced them with enthusiasm and for some 40...

Aged Care Finances

The Finances of Aged Care – You Have Time!

Working with families who are considering Aged Care for a loved one for the first time can be traumatic. Sometimes the...

Future & Past

New Beginnings

While divorce carries a heavy emotional burden at any age, the financial stakes for older divorcees can be greater, and the...

South African Lion

State of Play – Omicron Musings

Volatility is back! After a relatively tame quarter, Omicron threatens to turn the market calmness on it’s head. The seasons roll around...

Caravan Retirees

How Much Do You Need To Retire!

If 50 really is the new 40, then life has just begun. The kids are gaining independence or may have left...

First Home Owners

Optimising Superannuation While You’re Young

Superannuation isn’t just limited to saving for retirement. Through making extra contributions, your super can even help you save for your...


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