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Waiting for a… Rate Cut!

Share markets have continued to perform strongly during the first quarter of 2024 as inflation continued to soften in Australia and...

Arm Wrestle

State of Play – Thrills, Spills and Financial Markets

2024 is shaping up to be an arm wrestle between market economic expectations and realities, company earnings and investor sentiment. The...

Wall Street

State of Play – Banking Crisis? It’s All About Inflation and Interest Rates

Writing these quarterly articles, I was glad when the worst of COVID was finished. I could only spin how the pandemic...

Beware the Santa Rally!

State of Play – Beware the Santa Rally!

2022 has been a tough year for Australian and global sharemarkets. Yet remarkably, we may well end up pretty much where...

Investing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Investing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We often mention dollar-cost averaging to our clients as our preferred method of investing funds into the share market but it’s...

Crypto Currency Winter

Crypto Winter – A Wild Ride!

We don’t write many cryptocurrency articles. This is because we really don’t understand it. It’s not from lack of trying though...

Big Screen TV Spending

State of Play – Rate Rises and Retail Resilience

The last quarter saw large interest rate rises each month, with the RBA increasing the cash rate by 0.5% in each...

Increased cost of living

State of Play – Newsflash! Sharemarket Does what Sharemarkets Do!

Volatility in share prices is not new. Nor is the view that “this time it’s different”. In a world of pandemics,...

Aps vs Knowledge

Apps vs Knowledge

Investing apps such as Raiz, Spaceship, and CommSec Pocket have become extremely popular in recent years especially for new investors. The...

The Mechanics of the Age Pension

The Mechanics of the Age Pension

Record numbers of Australians are retiring and are seeking retirement income planning advice. A key component to retirement income is the...

No Soup For You! Until now..

“No soup for you!” …until now – New Super legislation opens the window for over 67’s

Super legislation changes come and go, many of them are “ho hum” and merely tinker around the edges. We’ve been inundated...

Ukrainian Fence Patriotism

State of Play – Uncertainty Abounds!

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine undoubtedly creates some market volatility and opportunities, this time it feels somewhat different. “Sharemarket Weakness Provides...


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