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Work Life Balance - Holiday

Work-life Balance – Only You Can Make it Happen!

Another year has swiftly vanished. How was the last 12 months for you? Did you achieve what you set out to...

A Perfect Storm

Cost of Living – A Perfect Storm!

It’s easy to blame ‘cost of living increases’ for everything at the moment! In my line of work, no conversation is...

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay the Price Later?

Australians were introduced to credit cards way back in 1974. Since then, we’ve embraced them with enthusiasm and for some 40...

Aged Care Finances

The Finances of Aged Care – You Have Time!

Working with families who are considering Aged Care for a loved one for the first time can be traumatic. Sometimes the...

Future & Past

New Beginnings

While divorce carries a heavy emotional burden at any age, the financial stakes for older divorcees can be greater, and the...

First Home Owners

Optimising Superannuation While You’re Young

Superannuation isn’t just limited to saving for retirement. Through making extra contributions, your super can even help you save for your...

Children's Savings Jar

Giving Your Children a Head Start in Life

We all want to give our children a head-start in life. Teaching Children the concept of money at a young age...

Budget Recap & EOFY Reminder

A couple of weeks ago, the most recent Budget was handed down. It was a very diverse Budget, with many themes....

Life Insurance – Why Have My Premiums Gone Up So Much?

One of the most common questions we’ve had from clients this year is about their life insurance. In many cases, their...

Is This Your First Appointment?

Most of our clients are referred by existing clients. We are incredibly pleased that they happily pass on our details. Many...

State of Play – The V-Shaped Recovery

In March last year, at the height of the COVID panic, financial and economic pundits started forecasting the shape of the...

Get Some Advice! – Real Estate

With interest rates at an all time low, many investors are looking to real estate to increase their wealth portfolio. It...


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