Work-life Balance – Only You Can Make it Happen!

Work Life Balance - Holiday

Another year has swiftly vanished. How was the last 12 months for you? Did you achieve what you set out to do or were you busy with work, leaving little time for yourself?

Setting goals around what you value highly will help you to strike a good work-life balance. Manage your time effectively – review job activities, priorities, and success factors. Create a boundary between balancing work and personal time.

If you are not happy with the way your life is playing out, here are a few things to consider to help you take a whole new direction.

To make the change manageable, decide on the three most important things in your life. List them quickly without too much thought – often your first reaction will be what is really important.

The list below provides some thought starters.

I’d like to make changes to:Choose Three
Family timeTck Box
Health and fitnessTck Box
Money management
(super, savings, holiday fund)
Tck Box
CareerTck Box
Self-improvementTck Box
Community participationTck Box
Social connectionsTck Box

Decide what you will do in the coming months to make changes in these areas by writing down a series of actions that will make a difference. Put a timeframe on these actions.

For example, if you choose ‘Money Management’ a first step might be deciding to contact a Financial Planner. Talking with them can improve your knowledge and give you a better understanding on how you can achieve your goals. This extra knowledge might then be the catalyst for giving you the retirement you want!

Small actions like this can make big changes to how you feel and what you can achieve.

Tell family, friends, and colleagues what you plan to do. This helps to reinforce your commitment and enables you to manage the expectations of others.

Check your progress. Every month, take time to look over your action list and note any changes that have occurred in your life – one small step could mean huge progress towards improving the most important aspects of your life.

If ‘Money Management’ appears in your top three, then speak to one of our advisers today.

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